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Securing Animal Performances from Diarrhea and Wet Litter Issues

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Unlock The Power of
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New Generation of
Sodium Butyrate
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Butyrate Salt | MCT | Sodium Butyrate | Omega 3 Supplements Malaysia

At A Glance

Manuka Biotech is a newly established business unit of Singao Co. Ltd. in China. As a world leader in researching fatty acid health solutions, Manuka Biotech benefits from high-tech know-how in emulsifying and encapsulating technologies to protect and preserve the high bioavailability of fatty acids to meet the often unmet or overlooked needs of productive animals. In the world of fatty acid nutricine supplementation, Manuka Biotech wants to become the first-line of reference. We are here to support you and improve your profitability by choosing the right oils and introducing butyrate based growth enhancer.

Integrating Core Technologies
to Create Positive Change

Our industry needs research-proven, non-antibiotic solutions to meet today’s industry regulation and consumer demands. The Manuka Biotech product range is based on the in-depth knowledge of functional properties of fatty acid in the nutritional aspect that leads to health and productivity improvements in animal naturally, backed by an unmatched research and development pipeline. All About Fatty Acid Nutricine.
Butyrate Salt | MCT | Sodium Butyrate | Omega 3 Supplements Malaysia