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Our customers are eager to learn the fundamental mechanism of our products that can help address their complex animal production challenges. Through these information-sharing initiatives, we addressed our customers’ concerns and recommended the most comprehensive approach to tackle them.

Eggcellent Hens Eggcellent Liver

It is well known that eggs have a very balanced nutrition and are amongst the most nutritious food on the planet! But did you know that most of the nutrients in egg white and yolk are derived from synthesis and transportation from the liver? Nutrients from feed are digested and absorbed by the gastrointestinal tract (GIT) and then transported to the liver. Here, the nutrients are metabolised and catabolised into protein, fat and lecithin and transported to the ovary and oviduct through blood circulation for egg production. The liver of layers is very much like a raw material processing factory. Therefore, it is extremely important that the liver of layers be in excellent condition as it will directly affect the production performance and quality of eggs produced!  

Butyrate Supplementation for Swine (Part 2)

Continuing from the previous Part 1 of the article.

The intestinal tract is the site of nutrient digestion and absorption. Piglets with intestinal disorders after weaning could not only cause intestinal microbiota disruptions linked to diarrhoea and pathogenic infections but also cause stunted growth due to underdevelopment of the gastrointestinal tract. Furthermore, the pH of the piglet stomach is higher because acid secretion is low and its main source of acidity comes from fermentation of lactose from sow’s milk (Cranwell et al., 1976). 

Butyrate Supplementation for Swine (Part 1)

Continuing from discussing the various types of sodium butyrate supplementation for poultry and essentially choosing the right one for your needs, this article serves to be a guide towards choosing a suitable type of butyrate add additive for swine.

Manuka Biotech Names New Commercial Head

KULAI, MALAYSIA – Manuka Biotech, the marketing arm of Singao Group has named Dr Loi Chia Fei as the company’s new Regional Commercial Director, with a mission to accelerate growth and global business expansion.

“Double A” (EPA and DHA): Nurturing our sows and piglets

Large-scale swine production has continued to undergo transformations and modern hyper prolific breeds has spread all around the world. These modern prolific breeds produce large litter sizes, with higher growth and fattening capability.

Bile Acid for Broilers

The modern broiler farming industry farms with high precision and intensity. Animals have been selected and bred to be able to perform according to the required production intensity. To achieve that, animal feed has also been concentrated in terms of energy and nutrients to allow animals to perform at the required production intensity.

New Generation of Sodium Butyrate in Ball-shaped Granules

Our butyrate products have reached its eight generation with reduced butyric smell. The uniform ball-shaped granular structure contributes to better a CV in feed mixing homogeneity test and reduced segregation during transportation. Learn more special features of BTR 98. 

Lipotech Omega 3 for DHA Enriched Eggs – Consistent, Effective, and Safe

The modern desire of health-conscious people is functional food and eggs are considered as a complete food with most nutrients required for well-being. It is not uncommon to find “enriched” eggs in the market nowadays. We can get all sorts of enrichments in our eggs including low cholesterol eggs, vitamin enriched eggs, mineral enriched, omega 3 enriched eggs and many more types of enriched eggs for different purposes.

Sodium Butyrate Saves Poultry Feed Cost

The intestinal bacteria produce short-chain fatty acids (SCFA), when fermenting compounds that cannot be digested by the animals, such as cellulose, fiber, starch and sugar; and the end-product amongst other SCFAs? – Butyric Acid.

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