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Our customers are eager to learn the fundamental mechanism of our products that can help address their complex animal production challenges. Through these information-sharing initiatives, we addressed our customers’ concerns and recommended the most comprehensive approach to tackle them.

SCFA VS MCT – Why pick one when you can have both?

This article discusses the functional differences between SCFA and MCT.

Firstly, there is a molecular difference between the two.

Butyric Acid: The Real Deal

As the era of “Antibiotic Ban” approaches, we can see that many new antibiotic alternatives have risen but all these products have one core component – that is Short Chain Fatty Acids (SCFA). Antibiotics use in feed has been extremely effective because it firstly reduces the bacteria count in the gut. 

A Scientific Review of Butyrate Supplementation on Animal Performance

Among SCFAs, butyrate has received more attention for its beneficial effects on both cellular energy metabolism and intestinal homeostasis. As much as 90% of butyrate is metabolized by the colonic epithelial cells making it a major metabolite for the colonic epithelial cells 

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