A pure sodium butyrate optimise epithelium integrity

In a modern world of farming, high density and precision farming has become crucial for sustainability and profitability. Precision farming depends on the predictability of the animal growth to reduce feed waste and green gas emission. 

BTR 98 provides energy to colon cells for cell proliferation improving the gut health and improving feed absorption reducing nutrient wastage. Since broilers have been bred for weight gain, greater feed conversion rate and increased carcass yield, the gut health is something that cannot be overlooked as nutrients absorbed here is what facilitates growth. An excellent gut health undoubtedly equals a healthy and well grown animal.

Since day old chicks are grown in high density, it is inevitable that they will be exposed to biosecurity hazards as they grow. These potential biohazard exposures endanger the animals’ livelihood. As BTRTM 98 also has antibacterial properties, it adds a layer of protection to animals, preventing loss of animals.

Key Benefits of BTRTM 98:

  • Provides energy to enteric cells
  • Increases villi growth up to 30%
  • Increases feed intake up to 5-10%
  • Repairs damaged colon epithelial cells
  • Improves flock uniformity
  • Antibacterial properties