LipotechTM Ω3 Plus

A nutritional tool to protect liver functions and reduce abdominal fat

High visceral fat causing fatty liver and fatty heart can lead to many health problems in the animal industry causing problems such as sudden death. This is especially common in modern farming as animals are receiving a high fat diet starting the early stages of life. On top of the inflammatory issues caused by an imbalanced omega 6 to 3 ratio in the diet, high fat diets often overload the digestive system and liver of the animal due to insufficient bile production and secretion. This is especially true in young animals as they are unable to produce high amounts of bile in the early stages of life required to digest their high fat diet.

LipotechTM Ω3 Plus is a highly digestible omega 3 oil supplement with bile acid added, specially designed for use in young poultry animals and in aquaculture. Using LipotechTM Ω3 Plus in pets can also promote healthy fur growth and reduce risk of obesity.


Key Benefits of LipotechTM Ω3 Plus


Broiler and Breeder

  • Improves immunity and anti-inflammatory abilities
  • Reduces incidence of fatty liver diseases and visceral fat
  • Increase digestibility of fat, particularly in young animal with high fat diet
  • Improves fertility & hatchability of breeding stock


  • Promotes healthier intestinal tract and fat digestibility
  • Improves survival rate of larvae
  • Promotes moulting of crustaceans
  • Reduces liver damage and dysfunction


  • Promotes healthy fur growth
  • Reduces risk of obesity
  • Enhances immunity, reducing skin diseases indirectly