A tributyrin additive at 50% of concentration

The success of modern farming depends on the ability of animals to respond to the provided nutrition. It is commonly known that butyric acid is an important source of energy for colonic cells. Furthermore, it is the preferred fuel source and provide up to 70% of their total energy needs. The use of butyrate as a feed additive has been extensively studied and used in animal agriculture for several decades, being first used in calves to stimulate early rumen development before finding use in swine and poultry. Butyrate additives has shown to improve body weight gain and feed conversion rates, reduce mortality and lessen the impact of gut-related diseases.

BTRTM 50 is a tributyrin product that can provide cells with butyrate to help improve cell proliferation and improve gut health. Tributyrin, being a triacylglycerol, is relatively stable and can release its butyrate when digested by pancreatic lipase. Since animals have been bred for weight gain and carcass yield, gut health is crucial as this is the powerhouse of the animal that facilitates growth and health. An excellent gut health unquestionably produces healthy and well grown animal. Butyrate not only helps with gut cell proliferation and repair, but also acts as an antibacterial therefore protecting the animal from infection, inflammation and preventing animal loss.

Key Benefits of BTRTM E50:

  • Provides energy to enteric cells
  • Increases villi growth up to 30%
  • Repairs damaged colon epithelial cells
  • Improves flock/herd uniformity
  • Antibacterial properties