70% coated sodium butyrate for optimum slow release in the intestine

Butyric acids and their salts have been used to control enteropathogenic agents, such as salmonella for years. One crucial limitation of butyric acid is that it needs to be un-dissociated to enter bacteria and cause apoptosis. This limitation can be overcome by using protected salts with encapsulation technologies that prevent rapid dissociation of butyric acid and total absorption in the proximal parts of the gastrointestinal tract, therefore allowing a sustained release of butyric acid in the distal part of the GIT.

Therefore, it is recommended to use coated sodium butyrate when supplementing laying hen and swine to achieve more of an inhibitory effect on pathogenic bacterial development in the ceca/colon or when having diarrhoea and wet dropping issues. 

BTRTM 70, is an odourless, encapsulated sodium butyrate with 70% concentration that is designed to maximize the benefits of butyric acid throughout the distal and hindgut intestine. BTRTM 70 is made with our recently launched, new generation of sodium butyrate which are ball-shaped granules instead of the conventional rod-shaped granules. The uniform ball-shaped granules and crystalline matrix with interwoven structure enhances coating ability to form high quality slow-release products. 

Key Benefits of BTRTM 70

  • Reduces the colonisation of harmful bacteria in distal gut
  • Modulates the growth of symbiotic intestinal microflora
  • Improves feed conversion ratio (FCR) and weight gain
  • Reduces diarrhoea and undigested feed in faeces
  • Well-shaped and dry faeces with reduced ammonia levels in barn

Technical Article:

Sodium butyrate supplementation for poultry – coated or uncoated?