Organic acid coated butyrate results in greater digestive & growth efficiency

What use is feeding animals with high quality feed if it is not properly absorbed and digested? Undigested feed in the faeces not only causes fermentation, bacteria growth and increase in ammonia levels in the barn. This is alarming because it is not only endangering animal health but worker health. BTRTM Benz can help in reducing gut challenges by its anti-bacterial and anti-mold properties and thereby improving the cleanliness of animal environment.

Gut Health

Poor microflora gut health is detrimental to chicks as it causes watery droppings and inflammation of the small intestine eventually leads to a heaping lot of health issues, lowering growth rate and feed efficacy. BTRTM Benz works synergistically to improve gut health and allowing for increased feed conversion ratio and profitability of farms.

Key Benefits of BTRTM Benz:

  • Inhibits mold growth
  • Optimises intestinal performance and feed conversion, reducing the need of AGP
  • Reduces ammonia in farm environment, prevents respiratory diseases


  • Reduces endometritis in sow. Improves fertility
  • Prevents diarrhoea during early weaning
  • Improves lactation.


  • Improves eggshell quality, protein viscosity and egg shape index
  • Extends peak egg production
  • Prevents heat stress


  • Protects liver, reduces incidence of fatty liver
  • Maintains healthy gut microbiota, prevents enteritis
  • Improves water quality