BTRTM Tannin

Synergistic antibacterial effects. Reduces wet dropping and diarrhoea

Traditionally, Zinc Oxide has been widely used to combat post-weaning diarrhoea in the piglet which also result in excessive zinc loading in the farming land. During weaning, piglets must get used to eating a solid diet, causing them to have digestive discomfort. During post-weaning, diarrhoea not only leads to weak and poor growing pigs and in worst-case scenarios lead to death. BTRTM Tannin provides an alternative solution in reducing dependence of Zinc Oxide thus contributing to building a responsible food chain for future generations.

A patented “skeletal-matrix” technology of BTRTM Tannin ensures the sustained-release of tannin and butyric acid throughout the digestion tract. The extensive biological synergy effects of butyrate with the astringent function of tannin, which is the key to preventing diarrhoea in piglets or wet dropping in birds.


By regulating gut health, faeces form is improved, and pododermatitis can be avoided, as pododermatitis causes degraded carcasses. Pododermatitis is often related to high droppings pH, viscosity of droppings and litter moisture. This condition can be avoided by maintaining a healthy gut to improve faecal consistency and stickiness.

 Key Benefits of BTRTM Tannin:

  • An alternative to ZnO replacement, prevents diarrhoea in piglets
  • Prevents wet droppings and undigested feed in poultry
  • Provides energy to enteric cells, promotes growth, proliferation and recovery of intestinal villi
  • Has bactericidal and bacteriostatic properties
  • Enhances nutrient digestibility, ADG and FCR therefore shorten days to market
  • Antioxidant, anti-stress and improves immunity