LipotechTM Ω3

Omega 3 enriched food and lactation aid

Omega 3

Omega 3 has become one of the most studied topics in the recent years and is classified as an essential fatty acid. We have all heard and known of the benefits of omega 3 to humans, but do animals need omega 3? – Yes they do! Omega 3 is generally considered anti-inflammatory and omega-6 is generally considered pro-inflammatory. Although both are present in the feed, modern feed ingredients caused the ratio of omega 6:3 to almost always skew towards omega 6 unless additional omega 3 is provided in the diet.

Inflammation is a silent killer in the farming industry. The animal may appear fine but have inflammation in the body causing sub-standard productive performances. Curbing inflammation before they present acute problems not only aids the financial operation of farms but the welfare of the animals.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids in Poultry Nutrition

Poultry production at all scales of operation is wholly dependent on the supply of day-old chicks. Fertility and hatchability are two major parameters that highly influence the supply of day-old chicks. Although there are many factors contributing to the failure of day-old chick production, one of it is internal egg qualities. Omega 3 is essential for egg quality not only for hatchability and fertility but as a food substance. Omega 3 enriched eggs and meat provide a convenient dietary of Omega 3 for human consumption.


Coccidiosis impacts the global poultry production by around $3 billion each year making it one of the industry’s most economically significant diseases worldwide. Although it can be managed using anticoccidials, there is often a high proportion of production loss already made by the disease. Supplementing omega 3 fatty acids has been proven to reduce the adverse effects on growth and reduced gut lesion scores by reducing the effect of inflammation.

LipotechTM Ω3 is a water soluble, microencapsulated Omega 3 fatty acids with a balance ratio of DHA, EPA and ALA, produced by our patented proprietary technology.


Key Benefits of LipotechTM Ω3



  • Improves immunity and anti-inflammatory abilities
  • Reduces adverse effects of coccidial infection and reduces death rate
  • Improves bone strength and density


  • Increases market value as Omega 3 enriched eggs
  • Improves fertility & egg productivity
  • Lowers cholesterol levels in eggs


  • Improves immunity and anti-inflammatory abilities
  • Improves fertility, egg hatchability and chick quality
  • Improves cockerel's semen quality




  • Prevents fetal failure and reduces number of stillborn piglets
  • Regulates reproductive performance
  • Improves immunity of sow and piglets
  • Stimulates milk yield and improves growth performance of suckling piglet
  • Anti-inflammatory effect



  • Improves feed palatability thus increasing feed intake
  • Allows for optimal growth and health
  • Reduces inflammation associated with stress occurring at weaning


  • Increases sperm motility and viability
  • Improves semen volume and density



Shrimp and Fish

  • As alternative protected Omega 3 oil source
  • Improves growth and development of larvae
  • Improves survival rate of larvae



  • Improves fertility and milk yield
  • Lowers inflammatory effects in mastitis cases
  • Improves growth rate and development of young stock
  • Improves health status