LipotechTM MCT

A protected form of MCT securing animal performance

Animals in modern farming are bred for optimal growth and production. This puts a lot of pressure on animals causing sub-optimal health conditions. Providing animals with MCT allows for increased in energy providence. MCT is quickly absorbed by the animal compared to LCT.

As there is increasing demands for leaner and less fatty meat, MCT comes into action as it not only provides energy to the animals but also allows for production of leaner meat, fitting consumers demands. Besides that, it is also antibacterial and antioxidative, preventing the occurrence of infection and inflammation.

Water troughs are where bacteria can spread quickly can be detrimental to animal health. In fact, diseases can be spread through drinking sources much faster than it can be spread through feed. Although high hygienic standards can be kept, it is difficult to keep drinking sources pathogen-free. Making use of MCT’s antibacterial properties can allow for safer drinking sources.

Key Benefits of LipotechTM MCT:



  • Increases survival rate of piglets, ADG and weaning weight
  • Reduces metritis-mastitis-agalactia (MMA)
  • Maintains sow backfat and reduce weight loss during lactation
  • Indirectly regulate reproductive performance


  • Increase survival rate of weak piglets
  • Improves ADG, increase feed intake
  • Improves post-weaning uniformity
  • Improves overall physical appearance


  • Improves carcass quality
    • reduces fat deposition
    • increases % lean muscle


  • Reduces infection from pathogenic bacteria (Salmonella, E. Coli, Campylobacter and Clostridium)
  • Improves ADG, FCR, protein deposition
  • Reduces fat deposition and improves meat quality
  • Improves egg quality and prolongs peak laying period
  • Improves flock uniformity


  • Bactericide and bacteriostat properties – significantly reduced the incidence of Salmonella, E.coli and vibrio spp.
  • Increases survival of larva
  • Enhances the absorption of essential nutrients, improving aqua performance and productivity


  • Improves health of fur coat and maintains glossy appearance