LipotechTM BA

A fat & oil digestive aid for young animal and breeder

Modern farming requires that high quality and high energy diets provided to the animal to fully unlock the animals’ genetic potential for production. Oils are normally added to meet the energy demands of animals. However, the increase in fats in the diet can be detrimental to the young animal as their digestive system is immature and limited bile secretion. They may not have the capacity to digest, absorb and fully utilize the oils as energy sources. This then becomes a burden to the animals as they are using tremendous amounts of energy to digest the feed before being able to use them as energy. The liver can be exhausted as it not only has to help regulate toxin excretion but must aid in increased lipid digestion.

Bile acid supplementation could also help with liver detoxification as bile returning to the liver could help to combine and decompose toxins, such as mycotoxins, endotoxins which do great harm to the liver and intestines. Bile acid was also found to be able to decrease lipogenesis and promotes the compound of very low-density lipoproteins (VLDL) in the liver thus preventing fatty liver syndrome and keeping a healthy working liver.

LipotechTM BA provides a natural exogenous emulsifier facilitating the dietary fat & oil utilization.

 Key Benefits of LipotechTM BA:

  • Increases digestibility of fat
  • Protects liver function
  • Promote the secretion of bile
  • Promotes molting of crustaceans
  • Increases growth performance and survival rate


Technical Article:

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